Take advantage of today's opportunities
with the technology of tomorrow

Our Vision

For all companies, the optimal benefit of new opportunities arising from technological developments is essential to be successful within their market.

Our Mission

Working with partners to develop technical solutions that enable companies to take full advantage of new opportunities arising from technological developments.

We are an IT development company with a passion for business

Our team has proven experience in delivering advanced business solutions that are characterized by user-friendliness.

Together with our partners and clients, we define solutions to help them achieve their business goals.


Rax-IP is passionate about:


We love what we do, we are constantly working to keep our knowledge up-to-date and keep innovating.

The Cloud

We are cloud supporters from the very beginning. We specialize in Azure cloud solutions.

The KISS principle

Keep It Simple Stupid!! We strive for the perfect balance between (complex) functionality and user-friendliness.

Software Blocks

We have pre-defined platform blocks that accelerate the development process while reducing risks and costs.


We have a development team that also has real business knowledge and can therefore better help with your business challenges.


Client input is essential for understanding the business and building a solution that not only works, but is also workable.

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